Chaplain Tom KendallABOUT CHAPLAIN TOM KENDALL Thank you for visiting my Tools for Chaplains Blog Site.  My goal is to build a resource library of materials. tools and articles that will benefit other Chaplains, Pastors and really any Christian who has an interest in God’s Word.

If you are a Chaplain, or involved in any type of ministry or interaction with jail or prison inmates or former inmates, please check out my book “A Chaplain’s Perspective Into the Criminal Mind” available from Amazon.com.  It provided an in-depth look into the 36 characteristics and traits of both Criminal and Addictive thinking, what to look for, and ways to interact with people exhibiting those traits.

I have the privilege of serving as a Chaplain with the Hamilton County (Indiana) Sheriff’s Department.  As a Chaplain, I do everything from death notifications and crisis response to ministry to jail inmates through Bible studies, church services, baptisms and spiritual counseling.  Please visit our web site at www.SheriffChaplain.com.

It is also an honor to serve on the Board for the Sheriff’s Chaplaincy Conference (www.SheriffsConference.com).   We hold a 2-Day Conference every October to provide training for Law Enforcement Chaplains and Chaplaincy Volunteers from a Basic level to Senior level and beyond.

Our family attends Horizon Christian Fellowship in Indianapolis, Indiana.  It is through Horizon Christian Fellowship that I have been given this ministry position to serve our community and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with so many people seeking answers and a change in their life.

I also serve in the position of Commissioner with the Carmel Police Department Merit Board.  I am a member of the Hamilton County Local Area Planning Committee for the County Emergency Management Agency.  I am certified with FEMA’s National Incident Management System (NIMS) Incident Command System to be able to assist during major disasters and emergency situations. To assist people in crisis situations, I am certified by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF www.ICISF.org).  My areas of certification are in Law Enforcement, Pastoral Care and Peer Support.  I am a Board Member of I-CART, the Indiana Crisis Assistance Response Team (www.I-CART.org) which uses the NOVA (National Organization of Victim’s Assistance) model to assist and support people victimized from all sorts of incidents from natural disasters, sudden death, terrorist attacks, criminal activities, etc.  I also have the privilege of serving on the Carmel (Indiana) Youth Assistance Program Board of Directors.

Apartment Complex Joplin, MOYou may wonder why I have taken the time to obtain so much training and volunteer with so many different organizations.  The obvious response is you can never receive too much training, but the practical answer is that if you seek to make a difference in your community, as Chaplains do, you better seek as much specialized training as possible as untrained,  uncertified people who mean well often end up doing more harm than good, or end  up as a victim themselves in a crisis situation.  That draws precious resources away from the disaster victims they are trying to help to treat them for their mistakes.

Devistation 600 FramedEven as a Red Cross volunteer, working in shelters, there is more to it than passing out meals and blankets.  Often, people have lost everything they’ve owned in a flood or tornado.  Situations like this are times to show Christ’s Love and not opportunities to evangelize.

In summary, my mission with this site is to provide a growing online resource where people can hear and share stories, provide tips and tools for Chaplaincy, ministry and for Christians in general, particularly those interested in apologetics. Please feel free to leave your comments on this site and please share this resource with your friends.  I look forward to making this site a valuable resource for you.

God Bless,

Tom Kendall, EzineArticles Basic Author

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