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This is a category with a variety of posts where I can share my personal thoughts and experiences being in ministry and as a Sheriff’s Department Chaplain. WARNING: Some my be somewhat graphic in content.

Reflections on My Afternoon – Don’t Text and Drive

Reflections on My Afternoon
As a Sheriff’s Chaplain

Chaplain Tom Kendall

I am sharing my personal thoughts with you about an afternoon I spent a few years ago.  For some, it will provide a snapshot of what Law Enforcement Chaplains all over the country do every day.  But most important, I hope and pray it will make you stop and think before you pick up your cell phone and send or respond to a text message, or even a call, whenever you are driving.  This incident was not unique to me, as it repeats itself many times a day all around our country.

PLEASE NOTE: Some descriptions and the photos may be considered graphic by some so please consider this before reading beyond this point

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