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When Someday is Today

Facing the FutureWhen Someday Is Today
Tom Kendall

 “Someday” is a day we all often talk about but rarely think that it is anything that should be on our priority list today.  “We will all die, someday.”  “Someday, I want to go on a long cruise.”.  “Someday, I’m going to get that checked out.”  “Someday, I’m going to try that new diet.”  “I will retire from this company someday.”  “Someday, I’m going to read the bible.”  “Someday, I will go to church with my family.”  “Let’s have them over for dinner someday.”  “Someday, I’m going to fix that leak.”  “Someday, things will be better.” “Someday, you’ll thank me for this.”  And the “some days” go on and on.

“Some days” are good days, “some days” we hope will never come even if we know that day is inevitable.  The one thing all “some days” have in common is they all require planning.  “I don’t have time right now, but someday, I’ll get around to making that plan.”  “Someday, I’ll have more time than I do now.”

How often do we use that word?  Once we start paying attention, it is surprising how it seems to creep into our vocabulary.  For me, and probably for many people, “someday” is a placeholder for the inevitable that I want to procrastinate.  “Someday, I’ll clean out the garage.”  “Someday, I’ll trim all of those bushes around the house.


Joplin MO Devistation            Every day is that “someday” for someone, as long as it isn’t for us, it’s usually ok.  Sometimes, however, that “somebody” is someone close to us and it makes a traumatic impact.  It seems that every night when I watch the news before going to bed, there is at least one story about a fire that killed or displaced a family, a natural disaster that has caused dozens, hundreds, and sometimes thousands of people to lose everything.  I watch and think I’m glad it wasn’t me but feel compassion for those who are affected. Continue reading When Someday is Today